Equine Insurance

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Fitton HorseInsure is a specialist division of Fitton Insurance Brokers catering for the needs of all horse enthusiasts.

Having lived with horses all of their lives, our specialised staff including Managing Director, Ron Fitton, know all too well the day-today risks that horse owners face.

We also know that not every ‘horse person’ is the same and that people involved in different disciplines have very different needs. As such, we have worked with our Underwriter, Lloyds of London, to develop two different types of policies to suit two very different sides of the Horse Industry.

Our Thoroughbred Insurance Policy has been developed with the Racehorse owner or breeder in mind. For more information on this type of Insurance click here:

Our Performance Horse Insurance policy is specifically designed to cater for owners of both pleasure and performance horses. Click here to find out more about this type of Insurance: