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Equine Insurance

No matter what equestrian discipline you enjoy, insurance is essential to give you peace of mind that your pride and joy is covered.

Whether you enjoy pleasure riding or high-level competition, Fitton HorseInsure can provide comprehensive policies tailored to your needs, to protect what matters to you most.

Guard yourself against financial difficulty in the event of claims caused by many eventualities, including veterinary fees, loss of use, theft, death or stray, third party liability and legal protection.

Download our PDS & Policy Wording:  20160718 Updated 01.07.16 EQU PDS Wording

All Risk Mortality – Death, Theft and Stray

This is our most basic level of Insurance and covers death and humane destruction due to accident, illness, injury or disease as well as theft and if the animal should stray. We require that this Insurance is taken before adding on any of our additional options.

Choice of Veterinary Fees

This is the cover the vast majority of people requires and will protect against vets fees up to a specified limit depending on the level taken out:

  • Standard $5,000 per incident
  • Premier $10,000 per incident
  • Life Saving Surgical Fees $10,000 per incident

Other additional options include:

  • Loss of Use
  • Saddlery & Tack
  • Transit & Short Term policies for Overseas Travel

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